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What's involved in my 14 day Free Trial?

We're big fans of taking a test drive before you buy. So our 14 day free trial lets you dig into Seriously Simple Hosting, see how easy it is to use, and how powerful the media hosting component is. Only after that trial will your card be charged. If you want to cancel anytime during that trial just shoot us an email at and we'll take care of it for you.

What's the monthly storage, download, or episode limit?

The beauty about Seriously Simple Hosting is its simplicity. No worrying about your download's, how many episodes you release, or how large those media files are. We want podcasters to be prolific content creators and we help in that by giving you an open invitation to create as much content as much as you want.

How can I update an existing podcast episode?

The goal of Seriously Simple Hosting and Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin is to allow you to manage all of your podcast episodes right from your WordPress dashboard. If you have a podcast media file you want to replace simply upload the new file from the WordPress Post Editor and it will override the previous file. This is great if you want to make a small change to a podcast episode after it's been launched. Just make sure you name the file the same as the previous file so that your subscribers can download the most updated file.

How to cancel a plan?

If you're not 100% satisfied with our service you can cancel at any time. Just shoot us an email at and let us know why you'd like to cancel.

Why do I need a dedicated media host?

The goal of all us podcasters is to have a viral hit episode. One that literally brings the house down. And if you host your podcast media files on the same server that your website is hosted on, that's exactly what will happen. Your audience downloading 10,000 instances of a 50MB file will surely bring your entire site down. If your podcast is for your overall brand or business this would be catastrophic. The pros all have dedicated media hosts for their podcast media files, and you should too. Let your web host take care of serving up your website and your podcast media host take care of serving up your mp3 files.

How do I get Seriously Simple Podcasting?

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a Free WordPress Plugin and can be found in the repository. With over 100 5-star reviews and over 20,000 active users a ton of people have started and managed their podcast through this plugin, and we aim to make it better every day.

How can I migrate my podcast content from another media host to Seriously Simple Hosting?

You're in luck. We are offering full concierge transfer of your podcast content from external media hosts into Seriously Simple Hosting. When you sign up and connect your Seriously Simple Hosting account to your WordPress site you'll be presented with a contact form to send a migration request to our team. Fill it out with your name, email address, and website and we will be in touch with next steps from there. The entire process takes about 48 hours maximum.

My podcast feed is located somewhere else. Can I move it to Seriously Simple Podcasting?

Absolutely. iTunes has measures in place to allow for 301 redirects of podcast RSS feeds, and Seriously Simple Podcasting has all of the functionality you would need to create and update your podcast specific RSS feed from within your WordPress site. Beauty of this is that you will have total control of all of your content at this point.

If I change my media host setup will I lose subscribers to my show?

Absolutely not. Even with changing your podcast RSS feed there are ways to create permanent redirects so that anyone attempting to access your previous information is sent over to the new URL. With media hosting if your podcast RSS feed does not change then there is no reason that your listeners will be affected at all.

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